In May 2018, the Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea (BCRG) was appointed Chair of the African Initiative for Financial Inclusion Policies (AfPI) for the next two years.

It is in this context, that the BCRG validated a program and proposal to host and launch the DIA'FIN, a series of dialogues on financial inclusion in Guinea and Africa, aiming to invite key actors and stakeholders and increase public communications on the issue of accelerating financial inclusion of populations.

The inaugural session of the DIA`FIN, organized and hosted by the BCRG, was held on May 3, 2019, with the support of technical and financial partners, in the capital of Conakry, through the convening of over a hundred distinguished panelists and delegates such as high level government representatives, financial institutions directors, national & international agencies representatives,  central banks representatives from countries of the West Africa sub-region, entrepreneurs and SMEs, civil society actors and the media.

A final report of inaugural DIA'FIN session  with summary of recommendations has been published and disseminated. Click here to read the final report of the 1st edition of DIA'FIN. (french only)

Following the recommendations of the DIA'FIN 1, and the positive reviews generated by the inaugural session, the Central Bank of Guinea is hosting a second round table, titled DIA'FIN 2, from 27 to 28 November 2019, with the main theme "Financial Inclusion and entrepreneurship of women and young people".


The Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea - BCRG is the institution responsible for implementing the monetary policy and exchange rate policy of the Republic of Guinea.

Created in 1960, this institution manages the issue and the circulation of the Guinean franc.


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